Tuyambe e.V


The emergency in her own country in mind, took Beatrice Müller Victoria in 1998 as soon as she came back to Germany, the initiative and collected money and private donations, to send them to her country.

Due to the many calls for help from Uganda, Beartice Victoria Müller founded in April 2000, the Association  “Tuyambe -Hilf  uns e.V.” with the aim to be able to help better.


VISION: Promoting and advancing the life of disadvantaged and vulnerable Children in Uganda through empowering lives and transforming communities with a holistic approach.


MISSION: Our mission statement is “Restoring hope to the broken”.



  • To obtain resources to support the mission and realize a reasonable benefit for the key stakeholder.
  • To network with Agencies/NGOs working with orphans, Needy, Vulnerable and Disabled children among others for mutual benefits and referral support.
  • To create awareness among children and communities in matters concerning children’s health issues like home hygiene, water source maintenance, training members in all preventive measures concerning health related problems in schools and communities.



Tuyambe E.V has prioritized four strategies in order to achieve these goals during the coming Five years. These strategies are:

  1. Develop capacity through collaboration with reputable Non-governmental organizations and Government agencies.
  1. Take the services to the users, child advocacy and community outreach in Uganda.
  1. Increase the variety of resourceful projects through Sustainable Farming, vocational education and other viable projects as they will be identified in the due course.
  1. Development Training and Research.



  • Being Godly:

We recognize that we are tools for the will of God; that we shall invoke his blessings to be endowed with the gifts and opportunities to hallow his name. We shall respect his creation and live as good citizens, promoting just causes and safe guarding our God Given natural endowment.We are committed to celebrate success and use every opportunity to make the workplace pleasant and enjoyable so as to give glory to God for what he has enabled us to achieve.

  • Respect

In all what we do and even among our children we shall exhibit high levels of respect when executing our activities. Respect of properties and contracts with the external parties. We believe that this will improve our reputation and relationship with the people we work with and this will make the organisation standout of the crowd.

  • Teamwork

Tuyambe e.V is committed to team effort at all layers of operation; and recognizes that the children and staff are the source of its pride and strength that collectively determine the institution’s character and effectiveness.

  • Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement; seeking for ingenious solutions to emerging challenges, to regularly evaluate our aspiration, policies and practices. This will be inculcated among our children and the staff at the centre.

  • Result oriented

We shall keep being focused on getting results in specified time frames. We shall always express our goal in measurable targets, regularly evaluate our performance and quantify our achievement and failure.