Tuyambe e.V is an international Organisation that embraces global partnership in accordance to reaching out to the needs of the various vulnerable categories of people in Uganda.

Locally, Tuyambe e.V works with Love Uganda Foundation, a community based organisation located in the heart of Mukono district which assists Tuyambe e.V in identifying communities that are in need of the services Tuyambe e.V offers.



Love Uganda Foundation is a Community Based Non-Government Organization operating in Uganda. LUF is an indigineous Christian Based Organization, started in 2008 as a charity foundation with 10 helpless children from remote families. Later the charity foundation was legalized and transformed into a national center in 2012 with children from all over the country. Some of the Members who joined in to set up the center were friends. Today we are proud to be associated with such a big family.

The major objective of the foundation is to empower the children through provision of quality education and mentor-ship to save the next generation. These services are to be provided to children within and around the community.  It was during this period that the foundation carried out some new activities to support and achieve this objective. Community mobilization and sensitization, home visiting and care, monitoring families with such children and support supervision, resource mobilization and planning were developed among other programs.

In the same year in an annual general meeting, members resolved that the orphanage should focus on addressing the education development issues more directly from primary to tertiary level. In 2012, LUF recognized the need to broaden the scope of the interventions to cover other social economic poverty issues and health in a holistic and sustainable manner. LUF has already made a long-term commitment that considers the root causes of insufficient education. This area of care will be the pilot project area as it helps many orphans, street and needy children with low levels of community awareness on education.