Busoga-Bugiri, August Outreach Trip

The need to empower children in Busoga through availing them with the Scholastic materials to get back to school, knowledge about how to prevent the rampant gigger infection in the area has prompted Love Uganda Foundation team on this year’s annual mission to devise an outreach day to address such issues and more of such to the people of Busoga-Bugiri Community.

Busoga-Bugiri is a province in the Eastern part of Uganda with high rates of orphaned children as a result of HIV/AIDS pandemic and as well high rates of poverty among the peoples. Many people in Busoga-Bugiri are illiterate/never went to school as a result been not able to acquire class skills on how to eradicate poverty in their communities. Ongoing school students lack scholastic materials to help facilitate them in class thereby refuting to go attend school in addition of lack of school fees.

Therefore Tuyambe e.V alongside their partners on ground Love Uganda Foundation are organizing an outreach to the region to empower the communities down there but most importantly empower orphaned children.

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