Street Children Mission Outreach

Street Children Outreach

Street Children living on the streets of Kampala experience tough conditions. They are abandoned and mistreated, then end up falling victims of physical and sexual abuse. In the long run, they turn to solvent addiction and pick pocketing in their desperation. Most of these children are found in Kisenyi; a suburb in Kampala, and along the streets of Kampala.

Kisenye is a slum area in central Kampala, and is home to an estimated 40,000 people. People living there are surrounded by terrible conditions including; flowing sewage and heaps of polythene bags. In some areas the crime rate is extremely high. It is under these conditions that the street children we help have to survive.

With our street children outreach program, we do organize a session which is always once in a month; and carry out activities like dinning with them in a special meal, give them an opportunity to express their skills in form of dance, music, acrobatics and so on. We bathe them, cut their finger nails, trim their hair, give them free medical service with the help of the local health unit.

The Street children Outreach program currently reaches out to 3 street children communities and we have plans to increase on this number if we get a boost on our funds.

We have seen a great positive impact within the street children communities we do reach out to and surely we will say that restoration is being achieved through the street children ministry alongside our partners on ground Love Uganda Foundation. Among these street children, are their fellow leaders who are empowered to reach out to their fellow children in turn we achieve a greater restoration among this kind of a community. Most of these street children will request for food and the biggest need which is to be given an opportunity to go to school again. It is therefore our mandate as a team out here to reach out to such category of people in our society bringing healing and restoration.

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