Beatrice Victoria Müller is a German citizen who was born and raised in Uganda. She has lived in Germany since 1997.
In addition to German and English, she speaks various languages ​​that are particularly helpful to the work she does. The plight of orphans in her country Uganda drove her to startup Tuyambe e.V to respond to the needs of her society.

Vice President: Am(), Ugandan born though living in German now. From way back home my delight was always giving a hand to those in need. Now I even have a bigger platform of extending help to those in need.


Fundraising Coordinator

Am Micheal Bruns, born in Germany living in Hannover and married. Working as an official in public service ministry. I love helping children, poor and sick people.


Am Steffi Prella, born in Stuttgart. Married to Mr. Prella and together we got  4 children and now live in Hannover.  I love children and this passion drove me out here to work with Tuyambe helf – uns e.v , +4915175082234.


Program’s Coordinator

Namakula Sarah Juliet is a Ugandan citizen based in Uganda, born in (). She speaks more than 5 local languages that makes her more than able to communicate and properly coordinate the organization’s activities in different parts of Uganda.



Joweria Nanfuka. Born In Uganda, a Nursing sister. Lives in Germany- Frankfurt Main since 2003. My joy is seeing others achieve what i have been in position to achieve. God’s plan for us all is to live such a happy life., +4915210435038.


Social Worker

Humphrey is my name, Ugandan by nationality specializing in social work. I do identify orphaned children that need help in our communities and extend our organization’s services to them.




Joshua Kisaakye , 25 years of age and Ugandan based. Working towards improving one’s living standard is such a challenging task but motivating as it pushes me to explore, learn and continuously build onto my experience in handling various people.


Communication & Digital Marketing Officer

Gisatin Cho, 10 years experience working as an IT/AV engineer.